SUNSHINE SS-917C Dustless Worktable Hight Precision Dust Free Workbench (Upgraded Filter Element)

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Product Parameters::
Product Name::
Dustless Worktable/110V-240V
Working size::
34.5CM * 23CM
Double LED Light,Double Fan,Silicon Pad,Foldable board,Power Cable
Product Description:
1. Built-in three-layer filter, filtering effect increased 16 times, can filter PM2.5 microwave particles.,2. LED brightness adjustment, brightness increase by 20%.,3. Air volume adjustment, can adjust the air volume.,4. Lengthen and widen the size, can use IPAD maintenance work.,5. SUNSHINE special thick section silicone pad.,6. Caring bayonet design.,7. Wide voltage design, better suitability.
After receiving the goods, please check whether the packaging is complete, if there are product problem, please take a video and contact servicer, replace the machine or tool according to the actual situation

Tags: super precision tweezer, 0.5x objective lens, smart laser precision flim, anti-static workbench

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